Expertise to build what matters.

Offers a wide range of the finest quality Windows and Doors


Personalised designs

10-year warranty¹

Transparent pricing


Need Solution is one of the very few Total Systems Solution Providers in mumbai, delivering high-quality aluminium window & door systems to discerning customers all over the india.

Need Solution slim yet robust frames are made using quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology, making them extremely durable and low-maintenance, which is why they are the ideal choice for a wide range of residential and commercial spaces.

Need Solution offers excellent end-to-end service, that covers everything from consultation, design, fabrication, installation, and unmatched post-sale service support.


Site Measurement
Design & Drawings
Fabrication & Installation
Repair & Refurbishment


High-quality aluminium window systems by Need Solutions meet stringent international quality standards. The slim sightlines blend seamlessly into any design, allowing you to enjoy the most comprehensive views of the outdoors. Our sleek and durable aluminium window designs are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, and can be further customized to suit your specific functional and aesthetic needs as well.


durable and smooth to operate, Need Solutions aluminium door systems come with a seamless frame and door surface that is prized by architects, builders and homeowners who are looking for high-quality aluminium door designs for residential and commercial projects of every scale and purpose. The amazingly sleek & extremely durable slimline sliding doors allow you to make the most of your space, and enjoy maximum ventilation & sunlight.


Need Solutions is the preferred choice of builders, homeowners and architects because it is manufactured using cutting-edge technology and only the best in class, virgin aluminium. The aluminium door and window frames are elegant and stylish, and offer slim & sleek profiles. They are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance to look as good as new for years. Aluminium windows and doors by Alteza are corrosion and weather resistant, and also do not crack, blister, rot or lose their colour over time.


Need Solutions aluminium door and window designs can be extensively customized to match your specific requirements. You can choose the type of glass, single or double glazing, an SS or fiber mesh, and a wide range of 100+ colour options. This is made possible through the processes of polyester powder coating and anodizing. You can also choose a rustic wood finish for your aluminium doors and windows. Furthermore, customized Need Solution aluminium window designs can be made as high as 7 feet, and customized aluminium door designs can be up to 10 ft tall.s


Built to deliver high performance over a long period of time, Need Solutions premium aluminium windows and doors are completely hassle-free to maintain and enjoy. They also provide significant energy savings over the entire lifecycle of the product, and are highly customizable. With Alteza, you are assured of excellent post-sale service by our dedicated and well-trained support team.

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